Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thank you, Ma Bell

Geeze - I LOVE telephones. Yesterday I received my first "official" telephone call from our little granddaughter, Gracie. Even though her mommy had dialed the phone, the "heavy breathing" I detected issuing forth from the other end of the line could only be from one source: Miss Gracie Elizabeth. Eventually, after a couple of button pushing episodes, I heard "Hi!" although it came out more as "Hah!" - as if she'd been growing up in southern Texas versus southern California.

The preliminaries out of the way, we ventured into territory that I knew would keep the conversation flowing such as "what does a dog (cat/horse/monkey/elephant/birdie/cow) say?" with the corresponding answers (woof-woof/eow/nay/oo-oo/elephant-ish-sound/teet-teet/moo). Eventually I got a big "BYE" or "Bah!" and spoke with Ashley, aka "ma-ma" while Gracie entertained herself with toys and lots of "Oh-ohs" (which is the standard reaction for most traumas in the life of an 18-month old).

I don't suppose I could get her grandpa (Grampy) to agree to let me get Gracie her own cell phone for all those future calls to Grammy???...oh,well, maybe not.

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