Sunday, January 18, 2009

Column: Jack is Back!

Yesterday when I opened the Morgan Hill Times and came upon my column page, I had a little surprise. I'd written about one of my TV "faves," the hard-slamming, pulse-racing, nail-biting FOX series, "24." After a year and a half of no "24," thanks to the writers' strike, we Jack-fans were anticipating the return of this show like a teenage girl waits for her date on prom night.

What I hadn't anticipated was the normal picture of me, the column writer, to show up right next to a super-sized photo of Jack Bauer (aka Kiefer Sutherland) himself! Now this was quite eerie, I swear! It was sort of like we were "keeping company" as it were, located side-by-side in the Features section of Friday's paper. My heart sorta skipped a beat like maybe I was somehow ASSOCIATED with this fearless freedom fighter. Yes, I kind of felt like, maybe an older sister or something. Certainly not his mother - oh, heavens no. Just an older sister. Yeah, that's the ticket.

If you care to read the actual column, it's posted here: Or you can just drink in the picture located above this post :)

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