Saturday, January 10, 2009

OOPS - She did it again!

Yes, it's ANOTHER new blog, and ok, I've already confessed to an obsessive personality. Or to put it another way, if one blog is good, aren't three just waaaaaay better? Due to a fetish to compartmentalize, I have now created a 3rd blog to deal with my photography habit. Three years ago (or thereabouts) I created a website to store my images, (nature photography and the like) but the "blogosphere" seems a little more fluid - not to mention that the cheap-o down loadable software used by the web host was so not user-friendly. Also not to mention said uncooperative software is no longer available and an upcoming switch to a new desk top computer at home will render my web site un-revisable. So - even though it is in its infancy, "Sweetlight Works" (my photography business name) is officially launched. Here's the URL: It will, I'm sure, grow, and grow, and grow, and...

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