Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dog Day Afternoon

Today we enjoyed one of those warm and sunny January days. Our 4-legged "child," Puddin', was in desperate need of a bath and a trim. Since he's gone blind (all kinds of eye problems beginning when he was two years old), I've taken over the bathing and grooming chores since the trauma in taking him to the groomer is extreme, plus he's not supposed to have anything looped around his neck - which is how the groomers anchor the dog into position on the grooming table. You'll note "Mr. P." in the embarrassed position of having just had a bath, appearing to be a bit water-logged. The next picture is when he went onto the sunny deck to dry off - probably in an effort to hide behind the flower pot!

Eventually he dried (by the sun since the hair dryer freaks him out) and I was able to get him groomed - more or less. Let me just say, whoever takes their dog to a groomer, those people REALLY earn their money! This is the 3rd or 4th time I've groomed Puddin' and let's just say I STILL have A LOT to learn. However, the bottom picture shows the finished product, and he looks a little more, well, elegant shall we say than he did in the other two photographs! Hopefully if there are any potential doggie girlfriends watching, they will realize what a handsome guy he is!


  1. Yes, Buddy doesn't like the dryer either. I just try to towell dry him and then he runs around the house like a mad man and dries pretty quickly. I think if you cut Puddin's hair shorter it would dry quicker, have less knots resulting in easier grooming! I used to bathe Buddy every other week (in between his pro grooming) and it wasn't too bad but I've been a little lazy lately. On the other hand, he does get a "butt bath" at least once a week so that should count for something, right?

  2. Puddin' does the "mad man" run when he's wet, too, although now that he can't see we kind of discourage that :). I cut quite a bit off of him yesterday - he is much shorter now. I'd let him get too long due to holiday craziness! And yes - Buddy's "butt bath" indeed counts!