Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bad (Foot) Wear Day

I've always equated to the "little-old-lady syndrome" (LOLS) open-toed, sling-backed shoes worn with socks of any type. That's why this startling self-portrait of my right foot is big-time scary. Now why would someone of at least average intelligence (me) make such a fashion faux pas by wearing not-so-glamorous but super-comfy SAS sandals with these ankle-high socks? It goes without saying that there were no witnesses to this travesty to trends - so why, then, would I subject myself to ridicule by exposing my tragic foot-attire error to the world at large? I dunno - go figure!

In my defense, this morning was chilly. Hence it was a sock day. BUT - we've had super high temps this week; hence the sandals. Now I was tempted to just hang out in my comfy slippers but I had to work today and by "work" I mean true manual labor: taking down the Christmas decorations - and YES, I KNOW it's January 13!!! So a long day on my feet schlepping around numerous bulky boxes required a bit of good foot support so my back didn't rebel by the end of the day. I know about arch support, I'm afraid. Too many years wearing "cute shoes" (pointy-toed high heels) to work did its damage. So - I confess to this total violation of the footwear code and may possibly suffer ticketing for same by the fashion police. Except ya know what? I'm not really caring right now. Maybe I'm a little closer to the LOLS than I thought!

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