Thursday, May 28, 2009

Moose on the Loose, Part Deux

Today our Memorial Day Weekend trip to Grand Lake drew to a close. But as a kind of "going-away present," some of the mountain's 4-legged citizens presented us with one last visit to our backyard - one for the road so to speak. Now. As you will see from the following pictures (and their captions) that these "moose on the loose" had a little story goin' on. Kind of a Moose Reality Show, if you will.
A Little Moose in the Morning...A "True" Story
Early one spring morning, Mickey Moose and his twin sister, Minnie Moose (ok, I didn't have a lot of time to make this stuff up) played hookie from Moose Middle School and decided to relax in the early morning sun. The birds were singing and Mickey and Minnie hadn't a care in the world. Except...
"OH-OH!!! What's Mama Moose doing here? Dang!!! We thought she was at home taking care of our baby brother, Murphy Moose! E-gads! "

"Ah-ha!" exclaimed Mama Moose. "Principal Maynard Moose called from school and said you two were absent today. But I put you on the Loose-Moose-Express-Bus myself. WHY aren't you in school?"
"Ahh, Mama, it's too nice to go to school. Mickey and I have spring fever," said Minnie. "Hmmm...let me get closer where I can sniff your nose, Minnie," said Mama. "You know my eyesight isn't so great without my glasses!" said Mama, nosing her daughter's muzzle.

"That's right, Mama," said Mickey. "Don't make us go to school on a sunny morning like today. We'd rather lay here and switch the flies off our backs with our tails!"

"Well, Mickey...that IS you, isn't it, Mickey? You KNOW I can't see a dang thing without my glasses. Maybe I'd better get in here a little closer to sniff your muzzle, too. And don't give me that nonsense about switching flies off with your tails. You know very well you don't have much of a tail to switch the flies off with," reminded Mama Moose.

"And, Minnie, may I just say I expected more from you because, being the girl moose, you obviously have more sense than your brother!" exclaimed Mama Moose. This stern tone from her mother gave Minnie Moose the heebie-jeebies (a moose ailment) and she was so nervous she showed the whites of her eyes as Mama leaned in closer. "Now!" scolded Mama Moose. "I want you both on your feet THIS INSTANT. We're going to find your father and see what he thinks about this hooky business!"

"Ok, Mama," moaned Mickey, starting to rise..."But PLEASE don't tell Papa! We'll go to school!"
"Hurry it up, you two!" said Mama Moose, beginning to lose her patience. "Dang, Mama, you know how long it takes me to get up when I've been lying down for awhile," wailed Mickey. "I'm hurrying as fast as I can!!!"
"Get along, now, both of you," said Mama. "And don't try any funny business like jumping in the lake because I'll be right behind you!"

"You mean if Minnie and I jump in the lake, you'll jump in right behind us?" guffawed Mickey. "Knock it off and move it, young man," scolded Mama Moose, nipping Mickey on his furry behind. "Ouch!!" yelped Mickey. "Oh, man, I hate it when you do that!!!"

  • "You're going to hate what your father says even more," reminded Mama. "Now both of you - MARCH!"

    "Oh, fine!" moaned Mickey and Minnie Moose and on they trudged, UNTIL!!! "Oh, my GOSH, Mama" yelped Mickey and Minnie in unison. "WHAT is Papa Moose doing here?"

    "I TOLD you children that your father would not be happy to hear you were playing hooky from Moose Middle School today. Isn't that right, dear?" So Mickey and Minnie Moose got a terrific scolding from Papa Moose, and at last the Family Moose turned toward the lake for a last drink of water before heading back. But before he left, Papa Moose turned his head, just to remind us that his word goes BECAUSE....


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