Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh, Baby!!

Yes, it has been WAY too long since I did a post, but where do I start?? So much is happening, and I will fill in the rest another time. But -first things first...therefore, I will begin right HERE:

This, my friends, was not my creation. And I'm not talking about sauce here. My sweet Daughter #2 posted this image on her Facebook profile because...well, she just is.

"Prego" that is. Yep, thus was Alyssa's announcement made to the world at large. Is she a nut or what?

We are overjoyed that Alyssa and Rob are going to be parents. They will make it fun and fabulous and happening and crazy like nobody's business. And I can't wait until a few months from now, after the arrival of little Baby Wagner, sometime in late December or thereabouts, when I can look into my daughter's eyes and see that --- yeah! She gets it.

Because Parenthood (capital "P" by gosh!!) is something that can't be explained. It has to be experienced to be fully understood, am I right?? Because up until that final push, when that brand new life careens onto Planet Earth, we think we know. We've got it covered. We've been happy before. And tired. Exhausted, even. Seen no end in sight. We've loved, protected, catered to and nurtured before. But not like this. Never like this. It's quite a club, this Parenthood thing.

And the neat part is - I know Rob and Alyssa (like I discovered Jim and Ashley to be) are gonna be SIMPLY GREAT as the newest Members of the Club.

And Mr. H. and I? We are deliriously happy. With Granddaughter #1, Gracie, who is about to turn two years, Granddaughter #2, Emily, who just turned two months, and now another on the way, I am reminded of what Rob's dad and our good friend, Lou Wagner said when we first discussed the news; Lou and Corinne's first grandchild, baby Carla Corinne, was just a few weeks old.

"My cup runneth over!" were his words. You sure got that one right, Lou :)


  1. I think Big Lou was talking about the portions of the V.O. Old Fasioned's he's gonna need to deal with all the crying babies around....

  2. Oh, no, he wasn't, Silly Rob!!!!!

  3. Oh Gale, congratulations on having another grandchild on the way! You are so right, Parenthood is something that cannot be explained...only experienced, and what an experience it is!