Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Moose on the Loose

An unexpected visitor appeared this evening. And let me ask you this: as a teenager did you ever sit on your front porch and watch as a certain car came driving down the street and you would hope-hope-hope that this "car" would turn into your driveway - and it DID???!!! You watch, your heart in your throat as he comes closer and closer and Yipee! There he was!! Right at your doorstep!

Ok, this young fellow is not exactly a teenage heartthrob, but this visitor DID make my heart skip a beat. A Moose! Walking up OUR DRIVEWAY! I mean, HOW COOL is THAT?!!!
The yearling may have been across the street drinking from the lake...they do that at this time of the evening, when dusk is closing in, hiding these great mammals from casual observers or unfriendly hunters. As we watched from the deck, he ambled closer, looking for...

a light meal, perhaps?...closer and closer to our driveway's edge where some young, tender willow grew - a moose treat if ever there was one!

Homing in now on a few new leaves to crop...it's hard to keep from running down the steps of our front deck to say hello and that I'm really glad you stopped by...

He paused, sensing two keenly interested observers on the deck above along with a blind pup who can do him no harm. Nevertheless, these creatures have learned to take care and move slowly...

Moving along more quickly now, the young moose headed toward the back of our house. Camera in hand, I bolted to the bedrooms in back to wait for him - finding he was already there waiting for me.

Shooting from my bedroom window, my moose seems to be listening for someone - his mother? A sibling? There's no way to tell...

This youngster has a few scars for such a young animal. Makes me wonder what he's gotten in to. "A face only a mother could love" has been used to describe the mighty moose. But I don't believe it - Nope! Besides; a not-so-pretty face is the least of his problems. He ambles away...I will watch for him tomorrow night. Bon Appetit, Mr. Moose!

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  1. He's cute. P.s. the driveway looks so different without snow on it!