Friday, May 8, 2009

Flashback Friday: Everything Old is New (Kids on the Block) Again!

Yes indeedy - in an honest-to-goodness "Blast from the Past" America's favorite boy band is back. Intact. Ready to Rock your Block. And if these New Kids, er..."Men" don't bring back the pop music era (think "Step-by-Step") nothing else will. This is how the literal interpretation "boys to men" (no, not THAT Boyz II men) looked (above) this morning on NBC's "Today" show. They were breakin' out and I hope I'm not forever banishing myself to the land of Dorkdom, but I LIKED them. Yep - the Kids are Back!
So maybe the guys are a little longer in the tooth these days, but I've gotta admit - I am so NOT SORRY to see those icky hairstyles go! Above picture is the way we loved 'em back then, back in the pop music, bubblegum-squeaky-clean days gone by.

Then one dark day the kids got a little hinky. Gone were the squeaky clean boys on the block. And their star darkened with them. Daughter #2, Miss Alyssa, was growing up with the music of the Kids...Donnie Wahlberg was (I am PRETTY SURE about this; if I'm wrong I know I'll be set straight) her fave...but one day I noticed a change in her room: the t-shirts, the buttons and posters - all the accoutrement's cherished by a "tween-age" girl of her favorite boy band faded from view.

Jump on forward to 2009 when BACK they came...the buttons, the t-shirts, the concerts, the tweens. Ahhh...Pop Culture. Pop Bands. It's a-Poppin' once more!
So with this Flashback Friday theme in mind, I submit to you the thought for the day....

Big Esprit Bag in basic black for tween-girl's 1st day of school in ? grade...$10

Mega "New Kids on the Block" button for Espirit bag...$5
"NKOTB" Tie-Dye t-shirt for tween girl's 1st day of school in ? grade...$12

Ankle socks in sherbet colors of lime and pink to match the shirt...$3

Cool slip-on tennies to go with the socks...$14

Sending off to school your baby girl who grows up to become the wonderful young woman her Mom always knew she would be...... priceless.

And THAT, friends, is The End. Yeahhhhhhhhhh.......................


  1. Yes, Donnie was my favorite but for the record, this was not 7th grade! This was in elementary school. As if!

  2. I LOVE it! This so cute... I was going to say she looked a little bit young for 7th grade, but what do I know! Awesome flashback & pictures!

  3. there's no way this was 7th grade. 7th grade for alyssa was in 1992. this was WAY before 1992. more like 1989, which would have been 4th grade for that fashionista.

  4. Oh, my goodness - sorry, Alyssa! I thought it was 7th grade because it was with Ashley's 11th grade first day of school pics (yes, I really did that to my daughters......all the way through highschool.) Ok, I will fix my post - but how old WERE you???

  5. Oh, so cute Alyssa! You were one of those die hard NKOTB fans!