Saturday, May 16, 2009

Flashback Friday: Mothers Day Times Two

If you could see a full shot of my mother in this black and white photo, you would see that she was quite the fashion plate. Yes, we were in an apple orchard back on that long ago Mothers Day (or perhaps it was Fathers Day, I honestly don't remember which since, as you can see, I was kinda young).

That was the tradition in our family for EVERY holiday: get everybody all dolled up (my dad even wore suits for these auspicious occasions), find a pretty place and stand out there in the soft, loamy, spring earth in your high heeled shoes (well, not my dad) to get your picture taken.

Yes, times - and styles - have changed and these days Mothers Day is a bit less formal - but no less celebrated. Mothers Day remains a Sunday in May where the memories we make are, well...timeless.

This year we celebrated Mothers Day - the "real" day - with the Wagners and the Navones at the senior Wagners' beach home in Aptos. The waves were big and beautiful and it was a restful, relaxing, very special day because not only did I get to spend Mothers Day with some pretty special people, we also met for the first time Rob and Alyssa's new niece, Carla Corinne, who seemed pretty mellow as her Auntie Alyssa held her in the photo above.

Carla's grandparents, Corinne and Lou, make grandparenting look easy above. Enjoying the miracle of a new little life and a sweet baby to love, Lou couldn't have put it better. "My cup runneth over," he said. I know, Lou - mine too :)

Mothers Day at the Wagner beach house in Aptos. I could take in this view all day - and pretty much did! The sun was low in the sky and beginning to set when we gathered our things and headed back "over the hill" for home.

But Mothers Day - at least the "times two" part - wasn't quite over yet because the next morning - about 5:30 to be exact - I headed south to Long Beach. A six-and-a-half-hour drive? No problem. With the "Sensational Stromberg Sisters" waiting at the other end, my car has wings that fly the distance in no time. Above, Gracie contemplates a small handful of clay.

Miss Emily Mae, 5 weeks old, has already grown so much...she and her mommy enjoyed the sunny afternoon outside.

Gracie with a bow barely clinging to the back of her hair decides that teeny tiny pieces of clay stick really good to a girl's bangs and certainly enhance the hairstyle! (Click on the photo for a larger view of the mini-glam.) Later, a chunk got stuck in her teeth (well, when you are 22 months old, you really need to see how these things taste, right?).

Emily Mae listening attentively to her mommy. Ashley had best enjoy it now while she has Emily's attention. Because we ALL know what it'll be like in a few short years...

Gracie having fun in her playroom. Since Emily and Gracie share a room for sleeping, Ashley and Jim have set up the small bedroom in front for the girls to play in. Emily isn't quite sure yet what "play" entails - but her big sister will show her the ropes before too long.

Emily Mae - in a talkative mood. Not sure what she was saying to her mother here, but it was undoubtedly profound. Probably went something like this, "...and when I'm 16 I want a car and my own bathroom and a cell phone with unlimited minutes and..."

So Mothers Day Times Two came to a close on Thursday morning - 5:30am - when I left the sleeping Strombergs and pointed my vehicle north to return home. Until next time.

Mothers Day - then and now - it doesn't get much better than that!

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