Thursday, May 7, 2009

Column: A Mother by any other Name

In my last column I "paid tribute" to moms. Well, if not a "tribute" per se, then just a simple nod to the moms that us Boomer kids grew up with way back when. These ladies were true June Cleaver-type mothers. A mother who knew that her sole purpose, the one she was put onto this earth to accomplish with award-winning perfection, was to prevent her kids from ever - and I mean NEVER-EVER making contact with - yikes! - a germ! Yes, dirt and germs went hand-in-hand in those days, and Mom's mission of cleanliness made us rowdy kids shake in our Keds. So when I found "Dr. Germ" on one of my recent flipping around the electronic universe excursions, I knew I'd found my tribute to mothers past. And ok, some present moms, too, who admit to giving those 50s moms a run for their money! If you'd like to read up on "Dr. Germ" and how he relates to Mom, check it out right here: And don't forget to wash your hands after using the computer!

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