Monday, May 4, 2009

It's a Monday Thing: The Mimi Monologues

I am trying to get organized. Yes, I really am. So I had an idea to do my postings about my baby granddaughters on a separate blog. But Alyssa said (and it was a really good point), "Why not have everything on your blog in one place?" and yeah - I see the point. I just sorta didn't want to go off all willy-nilly and post things too randomly. You see? I AM trying to get organized.

Alyssa came up with her "Friday Flashback" nifty posting idea a few months ago, which I immediately glommed onto. And then I thought, hmmmm...maybe I could work this grandchild business into a weekly thing and be SUPER organized about it. Right? So introducing today - the newly launched Mimi's Monologues on Mondays. Get it? All that alliteration is just way cool :)

So this first foray into The Mimi Monologues is to formally introduce my own personal "gold watch" of parenthood...That's right. When you formally "retire" from doing the job of full time mom and raising your kids, if you've done a (hopefully) really good job, you MIGHT just be rewarded with a "gold watch," figuratively speaking - i.e. "GRANDCHILDREN." And trust me, the retirement benefits of this new status are simply ginormous!!!

On June 18, 2007, Jim and Ashley brought Miss Gracie Elizabeth into the world. Here she is above at just two days old - freshly brought home from the hospital. Jim deposited Gracie on the living room floor, still in her car seat. We all stood around and looked at her. Then Ashley piped up, "Well. Now what do we do with her? Aren't we supposed to do something with her?"

And thus was the kick-off for the greatest/hardest/most magnificent job in the whole world: Parenthood!

A mere 22 months later, along came another sweet baby miracle - and a second gold watch for Mimi and "Bompy." Miss Emily Mae appeared on April 8, 2009 - a little more on track than her big sister. While Gracie was 5 days late, Emily was only 1 day behind schedule. She couldn't wait to launch into her brand new life, I'm sure. And this time when we brought her home, nobody stood by staring at the new baby and asking, "Well. What are we supposed to do with her??!!!"

Gracie is turning out to be a nice big sister. She gives Emily hugs and kisses and is becoming a nice help to her mommy. Gracie seems like such a big girl next to Emily but she is, after all, not much more than a baby herself! She and Emily are going to be best friends for life. Above is Gracie showing Emily how it's fun to "chill" and watch a little TV in the morning :)

So Mimi has two babies to love and spoil and watch "Momo" with (that would be Elmo on Sesame Street) and just enjoy the heck out of. Sure beats most any other pastime that I could ever begin to think of! And Mimi's Monologues on Mondays? Wow - I am feeling SO organized!


  1. I love Mimi's Monologues already! Your granddaughters are so sweet and beautiful!!

  2. Thank you, Jen - this will be fun :)