Friday, August 7, 2009

The New Look!

Here it is - Ta-DA!!! At last the home of my blog has a brand new face. I asked for a "Happy" design in my favorite colors - with polka-dots, if you please - so this is it - the Brand New Look. Now. Time for some BRAND NEW POSTS! Coming soon.........I promise...


  1. I like it, especially the logo!

  2. Thanks Melissa - I'm liking it, too - I'm getting inspired to write again :)

  3. Shades of Mary Englebreit! I love the new look! And the cooking adventures. I don't even have a Julia Child book. I am closer to the 3 ingredient recipes than to the 2 page ones. But I do love the cooking shows. The tarragon/sage mixup sounds like something that I would do. And then agonize over whether to use the dried correct ingredient or the fresh (wrong) substitute.