Monday, August 31, 2009

Mimi Monogues: Which one.....will he look like???

With Baby Boy Wagner some 17 weeks away and counting, I've been wondering what this little addition to Famiglia Wagner will look like. And what better place to search than at the beginning.

Above are pictures of infants Rob and Alyssa taken while they were still in the hospital. Given that hospital photography left a lot to be desired back in the day (hey - here's an idea: let's leave hospitals to the medical experts and photography to the grandparents...), you may not immediately recognize them.

That's understandable; if you haven't figured it out, that is Rob on the left, Alyssa on the right. And may I just say BOTH have quite a head of hair there. Note Ayssa with her black hair...she had blonde roots. REALLY!

Now, is it just me or do you see a STRIKING resemblance between these two babies? (Of course, one picture is in black and white and the other in color leading us to deduce that when Baby Girl Hammond was born, apparently color photography had just been invented, but don't quote me on that...)And please! Don't give me that old song and dance that all babies look alike because NO THEY DON'T!

So if you ask me (and I realize you haven't) the guess from "Mimi's" camp is that First-Grandson-Baby-Boy-Wagner will draw on the very best attributes of BOTH parents (but check back in 17 weeks or so for the "real deal" baby photo). Until then, my prediction (based on a heap o' facts) is that Baby Boy Wagner is going to be a little cutie - both inside and out. Because his parents do indeed have those bases well covered :)

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