Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Did you know that there are actual symbols for "Chaos?" Neither did I! :) Well, it appears that there are, and as I am a very visual person, I decided to kick off my return to my sorely languishing blog with a visual explanation of exactly why it has been approximately 6 weeks since my last post.

Above is one of the many symbols I found online for "Chaos" - and this is one of the calmer ones!! It appealed to me because the red symbol inside - lines shooting off in numerous directions - pretty much sums things up around here for the past one-plus month. What I like about the image is that this Chaos symbol is surrounded by a group of hand-holding souls - friends and family I'm sure, which is why this suits me. Remembering that out of the madness, there is love and happiness!

This is another, more free-form symbol of Chaos with the lines shooting about here and there and some mad splotches of color - symbolizing again the harried nature of life when it careens out of control. This is a pictorial image of things going wrong, routines being carried out in a rush, special events whizzing by in a blurred image, life out of control. A reminder to - SLOW IT ALL DOWN!

But finally - let's look to the opposite images of Chaos. Of Calm. And Harmony.

It's no accident that both of these images utilized the "Yin and Yang" symbol in the Harmony and Calm depictions because without balance - there is, yep, Chaos.

So I begin my blog with a promise to myself, with you as my witness, that I'm going to calm it down, learn to harmonize my world - to live in Balance. Can I do it? Well - I certainly must hope so!

Pretty soon my blog will take on a new design...if you notice above another author is listed on my blog - Hannah of Sherbet Designs has taken me on as a project. I hope that you will soon see here her creation for my blog design. I'm looking forward to its launch. In the meantime, visit Hannah's blog. You'll be happy you did...Simply click on her name.

And the "way behind on my blogging?" Well, the best way to begin the recapture of that is to begin where it makes the most sense - at the beginning. Slowly but surely I hope to journal here the events of the past few weeks - the extraordinary, the mundane, whatever seems worthy of putting down here "on the record."

My column - way behind - missing in action, although it's been present in each issue that I'm committed to with the three local papers carrying my columns. I'll bring them back here, too.

I've missed writing the "Flashback Fridays" and the Monday "Mimi's Monologues" - I'll bring them back too. I promise!

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