Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday's Mimi Monologues: Long Beach in August

Here we go! It's the return of the Monday's Mimi Monologues...the place for unabashed bragging, loving on, heaping up the praise for my sweet baby granddaughters and the future spot for my yet-to-be born, eagerly anticipated grandson, aka 'Baby Boy Wagner' or the "Little Man."

Grandchildren and Blogs? It's purely a Match Made in Heaven!
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Last week Mr. H. and I made a trip to Long Beach. Three and a half days. But a whole week's worth of fun. At least. When we got back home on Friday I was exhausted. I was even still a bit tired on Saturday. When I look at these pictures, I can understand why!

Here are some highlights:

Gracie is officially (is there such a thing as an official age when you're this young?) 2 years and 2 months old. Emily is all of 4 and a half months. And don't look now, but I believe we have a peace treaty! Gracie seems to love her "baby" ("Emmy" when she's in the mood to give her baby a name because a 2-syllable name is a little easier than 3). The good news is Gracie appears to have stopped (at least for now) her earlier practice of giving Emily a good swing to the noggin in what appeared to have been Gracie's attempt to knock Emily's block off...
One morning - after my shower but before my make-up - I became the center part of a "Mimi Sandwich" - a very good place to be, indeed!

Just kickin' back on Mommy and Daddy's bed. I tried to get a shot of Emily with her feet in her mouth, her favorite new thing, but my camera was never handy when she popped those tooters into her mouth. Once when Emily was a bit fussy (yes, it does happen, good natured though she is) we gave her the pacifier, which she was sucking for all it was worth. Problem: What to do when you really want to get your foot in a mouth that's already occupied with a "paci" - it translates to more occasion for fussiness!
A little smooch from Mommy :)

Three pretty girls all in a row...

Gracie... Coloring with her crayons - ESPECIALLY the PURPLE crayon - one of Gracie Goose's favorite activities - and very most favorite in all the world color. And check out the 'do - she let her mommy put these cute mini clippies in her hair. She's come a long way, baby!

Sometimes a quiet activity like a bit of coloring brings on a need for a burst of BIG ACTIVITY! Here is "one little monkey jumping on the bed!!"

But jumping on the bed means you have to take off these pretty purple jellies. Do they still call them "jellies?" Don't know, but that's what they'll always be to me. Love the way Gracie's toes kind of "peek-a-boo" through the heart design in those cute shoes!

On the first morning we were in Long Beach, Jim requested that Ashley bake cookies for him to take to the office. (Yeah, sure, Jim - I'll bet that was a private stash for your desk drawer! ok, just kidding) Now most people make cookies on the kitchen counter, which is what appears is about to happen,(see the red mixing bowl?) But no!

Ashley is getting ingredients READY on the counter - but she brought the bowls, the mixer, and all the ingredients down to the floor so the girls could help/watch with the cookie-making process! I have this fun process on video - forgot to take the "stills" - but you get the idea :)

And after the cookie dough is all mixed up? Ummmmmmmmmm....

Miss Emily, assuming her rolly-polly position. Seems awfully serious....

Gracie checking out the fridge - maybe something good in - COOKIES??? Nope, 'fraid not. But maybe some "bock-bock"? (Chicken! you know..."bock-bock" - the sound chickens make!) Gracie is wearing her new "butterfly" outfit we found at a too-cute-for-words baby clothing store in Long Beach. And it was ON SALE. Can't resist that!

Gracie still in her butterfly outfit (you'll really see why "butterfly" next picture). Gracie is checking out what used to be Gracie's - and is now Emily's "office"...and thinking to herself, no doubt...."Hmmmmm...I think I used to work here...."

Ok, NOW you get the BUTTERFLY!

This is one of Gracie's new things...we aren't sure what it means, although it occasionally goes with, "Ohhhhh, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" - this is REAL DRAMA, people!

Emily chillin' on the couch in her new sailor suit...

And now practicing We aren't sure what this face means, but we see it - a LOT!

Now - there's a REAL smile - on Grampy's (Poppy's) lap!

Ashley decided it was hat day...and yes, this hat makes Emily laugh, too :) You can't see them here, but she's wearing little shoes to match. And of course. They tie with a big red bow! What else?!

Gracie is taking her fun hat in stride...who cares if there's a giant red ladybug climbing up the side of her head?!!! Honest mistake, right? She is, after all, wearing a giant flower...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Emily has yet ANOTHER hat - and AHA! She has found Poppy's fist/knuckle...looks like a possible chewy candidate!

Oh, yeah - chew the knuckle, chew the knuckle, chew the knuckle - HARD!!! We could feel her little teeth close to the surface - and sure enough, her first tooth broke through the day after we got home.

Whew! Which hand to chew first? So many chewies, So little time.....................

Oh, no, no, no! She is only FOUR MONTHS OLD! This is way too soon to be up on those legs! But, well, Emily is not one to be stopped. We're starting a pool at the office - What day will Emily walk?

In the evening, the Strombergs take a walk...the girls wear their pjs (and check out the shoes) and here is a new pair of Gracie's pjs in her FAVORITE PURPLE COLOR with her FAVORITE PURPLE COLOR shoes and her FAVORITE PURPLE COLOR tutu that's sewn right onto her PJ bottoms. How cool is THAT!

So as the Strombergs prepare to walk off into the evening sunset, Miss Gracie has found her (apparently) empty baby stroller (Daddy has Miss Emily on the baby carrier attached to his chest). Just time to wave a quick "Bye-Bye, Mimi" - and off they go.
It was a fun-fun-fun trip. But wow! No WONDER I was tired! Bye-bye for now :)

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