Monday, August 10, 2009

(Not so pretty) in yellow jacket and BIG HAIR

When writer-director John Hughes died suddenly last week, I recalled the "coming of age" movies that
became so popular with our kids. I don't know about your house, but with Ashley coming into her teens and Alyssa into her tweens - we must have watched a few of those films at least a billion times. How about "Pretty in Pink?" "Sixteen Candles?" Or Ferris Bueller? Shoot - I wanted to be Ferris Bueller!
And what is one of the defining icons of the '80's? Nope - not polyster pants or leisure suits...those fashion disasters were prevalent in the 70's when everybody had had enough of hippie attire. So in the 80's, it was....
It was...that's right! BIG HAIR! Therefore, as a tribute to John Huges, the 80's and BIG HAIR, I dragged out my 20-something year old "official" real estate photo. Yes, friends, this was on my business card. On real estate flyers. In the newspaper for pete's sake. But dang it - I had the 80's hair, all right.
Was I ever that young? Was I ever that skinny? Yep. For a little while.......


  1. I'm pretty sure my mom had that same necklace, but in red, now yellow. I remember because I was playing with it in the bathroom and broke it. Beads everywhere.....

  2. I broke one of my mother's necklaces, too - then a few years later they came out with "pop beads" and they were sooooo could arrange colors the way you wanted to and they were totally indestructible!