Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh, oh

Today I am a little out of's just one of those days that sort of limps along and I'm not doing anything creative to justify my existance in it. Because it's a beautiful spring day, but! Maybe it started this morning when I had to take my vehicle into the repair shop because my check engine light came on - for no apparent reason that I can detect. No, I'm not a mechanic, but my car has pulled this little stunt before, last July. Unfortunately, $165 later, our repair guy, Smitty, (yes, that's really his name and how neat is it to know somebody actually named "Smitty") couldn't find anything wrong. We trust him to know his business, though, paid the bill and went on our way.

So when we returned from our Colorado trip and I fired up my car only to find the "check engine" light on - again! - I made an appointment to take it back to the shop. Now Mr. H. had a conversation with Smitty last July where something was said to the effect that if this happens again to bring the car back in. Now I don't know whether Smitty meant there'd be no charge and if not - for how long does that apply? ...but I guess it's going to be up to me to determine all that, which is waaaaaaay out of my comfort zone. Of course I could have the two guys confer about all this except Mr. H. is down mowing the "south 40" and I couldn't reach him with a hydrogen bomb at this point what with all the noise out there. So there's this little cloud hanging over my head as I wait for a call from Smitty. I mean, it's not Smitty's fault the light came back on and my car is being a spaz and how long is somebody supposed to spend diagnosing a problem with a vehicle with no compensation? I dunno. So I have this cloud.

Now sometimes "clouds" lead to other things. Such as the photo you may have noticed above. Since I hadn't had breakfast and we were now well into lunch territory, I was starving. Not a good thing. I wanted something "comfort-food-" like (the clouds, remember?) but I didn't want to go totally off the deep end, either. I'm meeting Alyssa at Weight Watchers tonight; since I've been in Colorado the last three Thursdays (meeting day) I didn't want to come back and find super bad news at the scale...

So there in my cupboard was this little box I'd picked up from Trader Joe's a few weeks ago. Now normally this would not have caught my attention at TJ's except for the fact that I saw a woman (a trim, healthy-looking gal) scooping these little blue boxes into her basket for all she was worth. She must've plopped 20 or 30 of them in there. So I thought to myself, "Hmmmmmm....those must be REALLY good - and healthy, I mean, look at HER, after all) - so I quickly grabbed one and put it into my basket before she could abscond with them all!
So today seemed the perfect opportunity to pull my little blue box out of the cupboard - couldn't be easier. Mix the rice with the sauce, nuke a minute and - Voila! Lunch is served.

Now I will admit, now that's it's over and done with, this wasn't the greatest lunch I've ever had. The sauce was really "processed" tasting and way too spicy and the rice was sort of stuck together all pasty-like. But it was hot and, I suppose, comforting in a way and it filled up the emptiness for the moment. But THEN. I idly turned the box around and checked out the nutrition label. Oh, yes. I have made this mistake before. This sucker was for TWO servings. What???????!!!!!!! Yep, that teeny little box was supposed to feed two people. Right. I mean, even for ONE person, the nutritional counts were bad enough - 240 calories (ok, not bad for lunch but not when you double it) - and 9 grams of fat (not great - ESPECIALLY when doubled) and less than 1 gram of fiber (again, not so good).

So when doubling all this mess - I ended up with 18 WEIGHT WATCHER points. Holy cow. I might as well have gone to Sinaloa's for tacos and a margarita.

So I'm hoping the clouds will move along. At this rate I'll need to find some duct tape to keep my mouth shut!!!


  1. It's bad enough when you eat 18 points on something good, but to lose that much on something not so spectacular, not fun! I feel your sorrow. ;)

  2. Yep...always good to figure points BEFORE eating the (not-so-good) meal!!!