Saturday, March 14, 2009

Flashback Friday - one day late!

When Daughter #2 (Alyssa) began Flashback Fridays on her blog a week ago, I loved the idea so much that I am totally swiping it for my blog! The premise of Flashback Fridays is that most of life happened 'B.B.' (before blogging), so Flashback Fridays exist to recount a life event out of the past. Since my foggy brain neglected to remind me that yesterday was, indeed Friday, and therefore a perfect Flashback Friday opportunity, I'm going to "pretend" that it's still Friday...and hey! Maybe it still is - somewhere - although I sorta doubt it :)

So here is my flashback of the week...I found this very old newspaper ad while doing research for my next column. The department store, Roos/Atkins went out of business in the 80s, but in their hay day they had some pretty upscale outfits and I LOVED buying my work clothes there (well, some of them). Not that I could necessarily afford them on my paltry secretary's salary, but still. I stumbled upon the ad because I had a senior moment in recalling the unique spelling of the store's name. I knew that "Roos" didn't have an "e" at the end. But when I typed Roos Atkins - it didn't look right. Thus the Internet search and - Voila. Roos/Atkins had that intriguing little "slash" right through the center of its name. The ad is from an August 1966 issue of the Oakland Tribune. I'd been a California resident a year when the ad ran - I was a mere lass of 19 at the time :)

Note the sweaters were retailing for $50 - pretty pricey for a 1966 salary...another interesting point is the sizing: Sizes available were 8 to 16, or 10 to 16. Not a Size "1" or worse "0" in sight! To see the detail of the ad, click on the photo. Or go see it here:


  1. Kind of weird it says "importante". Is this from a spanish magazine, or did they spell important differently back in the old days? :)

  2. Ha, ha, smarty pants...I don't know why they did that either - no it wasn't a spanish magazine, it was the Oakland Tribune, a major newspaper...guess in the "old days" they thought it was cool to throw around words in Italian (get it? Italian sweaters?) Oh, well. We were all a little goofy in the 60s :)