Saturday, March 7, 2009

Column: Put on your Big Girl Panties

Awhile ago I received a nice letter from Linda, a super fun new friend. We had met years before when she and her hubby, John, owned a printing company in town but we were both busy girls and never had the opportunity to get acquainted. Well. I regret that we lost a few years there, but when Linda sent me an e-mail last year saying she had been enjoying my column, we began an electronic connection. At the time Linda and John were preparing to retire and I was living in Long Beach watching Miss Gracie grow!

After several back-and-forth e-mails, we both came to the mutual conclusion that we desired to lose a couple of pounds (and, honestly, what girl doesn't these days?!) - so Linda challenged me to a little weight loss contest with the loser to buy the winner coffee. Except in this case I guess the loser would be the winner. Or something. Whatever!

With the hilarious heading supplied by Linda, I couldn't let the opportunity to write a column about this Biggest Loser challenge slip by. Check it out right here: And let the battle of the bulge begin! Or, ummm...continue...or something...

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