Friday, March 27, 2009

A Little Shout Out to Country Automotive

Yesterday I wrote on this blog that I was all down in the dumps about my car's "check engine" light coming on and that said light's illumination was a repeat performance of last July's occurrence. The whole thing had kind of knocked me for a loop since a trip to the repair shop is never inexpensive and there was this sort of nebulous deal where Smitty and Mr. H. had talked about if the light came back on that he, Smitty, would have another look, blah-blah-blah. But ok, that was nine months ago.

Anyway, I got the call yesterday afternoon from Smitty's wife, Elizabeth, that my car was ready. I didn't want to know how much the bill was going to be or what, if anything, was wrong with the car...I just wanted my car to run with no lights looking back at me and - hopefully - without running up beaucoup bucks for an unfruitful search of the cause for my temperamental engine light. On the other hand, I've owned my own business and know the costs associated with owning said business - and I sure have no love of asking other business owners to delve into hours of work without proper compensation.

So yesterday as I was home making mountains out of molehills, Smitty's right-hand man, Ben, figured out that it was possibly my loopy gas cap causing the engine light to illuminate because there wasn't a tight enough seal on the cap (engine lights are apparently drama queens about such things). So yesterday's charge for service? Twelve bucks for a new gas cap. I can sure live with that :)

Therefore, I wanted to give "props" to the guys in the coveralls at Country Automotive here in Morgan Hill - especially Smitty and Ben. We've trusted them to care for our cars for 25 years and have never been disappointed. Thanks, guys!


  1. Oh yes, I will lift a glass to them as well! Smitty and Ben rule!

  2. Yes they do! If they said they did open-heart surgery, I'd probably go to them for that, too :)

  3. I knew it was Country Automotive immediately when you said Smitty in the previous blog. Yes, they are great, although we have not used them exclusively because of some business alliances with other entities. But, next time I need Open Heart Surgery I'm there!