Friday, March 6, 2009

Gracie Goose - 3rd Time's the Charm

Gracie and a bright, sunny day in L.A. Well, technically Long Beach :)

Mr. Potato Head won the "Toy of the Day" prize. But it was hard keeping all his "parts" together.
"I'm just going to chew on this arm for awhile."

" Maybe need a little help from Grampy."

Pretty spring day. Well, almost spring. Technically winter - for a few more days.

Mr. Head (or is it Mrs.?) - still missing a few parts

There are always soooooooooo many interesting things to look at on the ground!

See? Right here!! ANOTHER pretty green blade of grass....

A secret smile...wonder what she's thinkin' about....

Hangin' out over by Daddy's 'Q :)
On Wednesday (March 4), Ralph and I drove from our home to Long Beach. It seemed like time to give Miss Gracie Goose some great big hugs - and because Gracie's daycare provider was going to be on vacation. So Grampy and "Mimi" (my new name...I was going by "Grammy" but Gracie had other ideas - hence Mimi it is) watched Gracie Thursday and Friday (today). This is too fun to be work. The weather here is beautiful - after mucho rainy days in the Bay Area - this southern California sun feels sooooooooooooo good!
The trip south down "The" 101 ("the" for southern Californians!) was a gorgeous drive...a little fog, a little misty rain, and finally the sun hitting the big Pacific Ocean with the bright lights. The hills were as green as fields of Irish shamrocks; the prolific winter rains have been kind to our hills, turning their grassy surfaces to velvet. The vineyards were just popping their new leaves - every trip south (and there have been a lot of them) I swear more vines have been planted. I love the seasons of the grapes and we're heading into one of the prettiest times.
We'll have one more day to hang out with the Strombergs here in Long Beach before starting on the Big Kahuna - as our trip continues onward to Grand Lake, Colorado.

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