Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yea for Asia!

On Friday we finally had the opportunity to see a REALLY good film...up for an Oscar and we definitely saw why. This is such a feel good movie, despite the abject poverty the orphans - or slumdogs - exist in -often falling into the hands of unscrupulous gangsters and thugs. This is one movie where you can expect to feel uplifted for having seen it. A truly remarkable story - albeit one that could probably never happen, but still. All the reasons for the character's knowing the answers to the questions given on India's version of "Do you want to be a Millionaire" were laid out, often in painful detail - except the very last question, which he answered correctly for the best reason of all: "Because it was written."

After the movie and then checking out furniture in San Jose at Oakridge Mall's Ethan Allen gallery, we took a short walk next door and had dinner at P.F. Changs. We ordered a wonderful "V.I.P. Duck" as well as my favorite lettuce wraps and our joint favorite, Shrimp with Walnuts. This had a different twist - honeydew melon balls mixed into the dish. Yummmmm-y!

It was a great day despite the stormy weather that blew in and out during the afternoon. It was my kind of way to stay in out of the rain!


  1. I love P.F. Changs. I forget how close it really is. I will put it on my to do list. Thanks for sharing. Macey

  2. Yes it IS close - we should plan a movie-lunch date :)