Saturday, February 14, 2009

We get letters!

SENILITY ALERT!!! I do LOVE getting comments on my posts so when I am perusing my blog and see "x" number of comments, I do a kind of mental "Yipee!" because it means someone has read my blog and is actually making a comment about one of my musings. This is very fun and yes, I have no life.

SO! Today when I checked my blog and my latest entry had no less than THREE COMMENTS I did my mental "Yipee!!" and linked on to read them.

Well! How bad is it when two of those comments were written by ME and I HAD FORGOTTEN ALL ABOUT THEM! Sheesh! So let's get those comments on there, people! Even if you use an "assumed name" it's ok with me. The way my memory works, you could use your ACTUAL name and I would probably not know who you were ANYWAY :)


  1. Did you know you can set it up so you get an email whenever you get a comment? I sometimes get comments on blogs I'd written awhile ago. Anyway, you might want to look into that!

  2. You mentioned that to me once - that'd be great - kind of like Facebook, hmmmm? Ok - sign me up - can ya tell me how? BTW - I am seeing Mr. David on Monday morning @ 11 after "Rehab" - haha!