Sunday, February 8, 2009

Column: Super Bowl was...Super?

It's become a tradition of mine, of sorts, to write a "Super Bowl" column for the Morgan Hill Times even though I spend precious little time watching the game itself. A sportswriter, I'm not, although - Yes! I am an ads fan. I wait all year for those slick new commercials to preview during the Super Bowl. So although I might be in the kitchen whipping up some salsa when the game-winning touchdown occurs, I do my best to be present at the tube whenever talking babies, horses in love or mobsters planning a hit appear on Super Sunday. One caveat - although I do my best to find a little humor in this great American tradition, Alyssa beat me hands down on her blog with her account of their Super Bowl party not to mention her friend Dorothy's "critique" of the Steelers coach. Check it out here: If you want to read my Times column, jump over here:

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