Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And speaking of hearts...

Now that I have entered “Grandmotherdom” I have a new appreciation for the cute cards that my mom used to send to the girls. Since my parents lived in Arizona during my daughters' early years, my mom hated missing out on all the fun but every holiday – without fail – cute cards would arrive and sometimes there would be a little gift, too – many times they were things she had made herself. She was quite the crafty girl. She did handmade ornaments at Christmas and she made an Easter egg with cute little doors that opened one year and she could sew like nobody’s business so the girls were always getting neat little outfits. Later she learned to crochet so she made some blankets and scarves for us, too.

Keeping the tradition alive, I searched for a cute Valentine's Day card for Miss Gracie Elizabeth in Long Beach – but due to my “95-year old nursing home resident" back problem I was unable to supplement the card with an actual gift. I suggested to Ashley that a nice Valentine’s Day tradition would be for “Mimi and Grampy” to babysit our grandchildren on alternate years so Ashley and Jim or Alyssa and Rob could go out for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. Since we won't be in Long Beach this Valentine’s Day, guess we could start with Rob and Alyssa and babysit Buddy on Valentine's Day…Buddy being our one and only “Grand-dog” :)


  1. Ok,I just tried leaving a comment and got an error message. Grrrr....I basically said:

    REALLY?!? Rob and I are going to Aptos Sat-Sun and I was hoping to go out to dinner, but Rob wants to bring Buddy. I'll report back to you. Does this mean you and dad will never get to go out for V Day?

  2. How weird - I had the same problem when I tried to comment on your's! I just kept trying and eventually it got over its little hissy fit!

    Dad and I have reached the point where we can go out to dinner anytime and sometimes we like to avoid all the crowds that come out on V-Day, Mothers Day etc. We like to eat at nice places for b-days and anniversaries, though - but that's good because we still celebrate but we are doing so on dates that everybody else goes out, too. Make sense? :) But we are happy to baby/dog sit anytime! Also - let's have Buddy over now and then to visit Puddin' ok? That way in April they should both be used to each other!

  3. Speaking of hissy fits - it just did it again - on my OWN BLOG!!! What's going on here, Google - or whoever?????!!!!!!