Monday, February 23, 2009

If it ain't broke...

Last month for my birthday Ralph bought me a new computer - a replacement for my 5-1/2 year old Dell desk top. I'd LOVED my desktop but lately it had gotten sooooooooo slow. That was probably because I'd used up 99-1/2% of my hard drive - mostly with pictures of Gracie, I'm sure. Well, not really - pictures of everything. You see, I'm not only a pack rat in my "real" life, I am an electronic pack rat as well.

So Ralph installed my big new whiz-bang Dell yesterday. I was a little afraid of it at first - seemed like maybe I should work for NASA or something before being given the keys to such a powerful machine, but I launched right in this morning. And it worked beautifully. Until.

Yes, I "broke" my machine practically right out of the box. Come to find out it got into a little snit simply because I didn't shut the darned thing down properly. I mean, Picky-Picky!! So it was flashing and beeping and going through all kinds of gyrations and being in general a total annoying pain until I finally called Dell and the nice man said I was going to have to "get into the chassis and open it up." Huh? I got a "chassis" with this thing? I thought "chassis's" (chasses?)were for cars. So I did what any new age thinking girl would do and went to grab Ralph by the collar and haul him in to the phone to deal with this mess.

Ninety minutes (give or take) later, my new Dell was humming right along and I now know the PROPER way to put it to "sleep" - which is totally opposite from my Toshiba laptop. Sheesh! For being major timesavers in our busy lives, these things are certainly fussy.

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