Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mimi Monologues: NOW What?!!!

This morning Ashley called and now GRACIE ELIZABETH has a fever! Oh,good heavens. The better news is Gracie still is "normal" in most other ways, just a little bit more quiet than usual. So her mommy is keeping her snuggy and warm today and Gracie has, thus far, not reported that anything is hurting her - a.k.a. "ouchies." Soon she will, hopefully, be back to silly old Gracie (refer to Gracie the Fishface above) and her fever will be allllllllll GONE!
More bath time pictures at Mimi's house - and because who can resist a chubby little baby leg, here is Miss Emily's cute little "gams" post-bath in her snuggy towel.

Get - and STAY - well, young ladies!

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