Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Girls of Wal-Mart

Now I don't want you to be jealous...but I am about to share photos of my two TRENDY DAUGHTERS. Each of these pictures was taken shortly after they gave birth to their first offspring and were home from the hospital. To say they were a little OVER-WHELMED...well, that might be a teeny bit of an understatement. Thus, when Daughter #1, Ashley Clare, sashayed into the living room of her condo one morning post-shower and was wearing this lovely little number, I did a double-take.
GONE was the pulled-together, classy look that Ashley went for. Here, instead, was this sad, little "New Mommy Chic" outfit, which I, in a gesture of total love and compassion, made her change out of RIGHT THAT VERY INSTANT!THEREFORE, why was I surprised when Daughter #2, Alyssa Jane, opened her front door one day last week when Baby Charlie was perhaps one week old and I found her in THIS!!!!

"Oh, hahaha," she laughed in explanation. "I'm not wearing any pants because I just spilled water on them." SURE you did, Missy, you are just going for that famous chic look that your sister was all over a couple of years ago...You can't fool me. Nope! I got your number, kiddo!

And of course you know why, don't you? Because it was the same look I donned a few special times on the occasion of my dear daughters' births. I guess my mother had the good sense to keep her trap shut. Of course it didn't hurt that she lived a couple of states away and couldn't see how far I'd fallen :)

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