Sunday, January 17, 2010

Column: We just won't abide a rude attitude!

It all got to be just too much. By the year's end we had witnessed so many acts of rudeness and bad taste in the public spotlight that the "Civility Project" simply had to be addressed. And the goofiness in the world of politics as well as those we can always count on - and many who surprised us - in the celebrity world left me just no choice...I had to write a column.

Now. For the past two weeks I had struggled with "The Column" link on my blog in that the inner workings of the blog "Posting" maneuvers had left me unable to "cut" my column from the newspaper's online version and "paste" it onto my blog, forcing me to leave you a URL to advance to the column's online copy. Today I tried something new - and scary. I messed with the "Html" button - the scariest four letters I know. But - guess what! Something worked. Maybe the "blogs gods" thought I was a pro and performed. Who knows. But amidst all the random letters and symbols that Html displays were what appeared to be the script of my column. I even added an image, which produced spasms on the page in the form of more letters and symbols. But enough of all that. For NOW at least, it works!

To read about Rudeness and the Civility Project (and maybe even take the pledge!), simply click on "The Column" link above. Thank you very much. (and wasn't that civil?)

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