Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy First Birthday, Emily Mae!

Emily had a lot of fun collecting Easter eggs on Sunday - 4 days before her first birthday. We enjoyed watching her run - yes RUN - in her backyard - chasing her big sister Gracie and looking for more eggs. And when the eggs had all been found it was time to scatter them all over the lawn and begin yet another new hunt!
I think there were about four Easter egg hunts in all on Sunday...a new game for the Sensational Stromberg Sisters :)

Emily shares a moment with her mommy.

Emily is still mastering going DOWN the steps to her backyard, but she can go up the stairs just fine! Here she gets a hand from Grampy as she navigates going down the steps.

Emily had lots of fun - as she does most every day - playing outside in the warm California sun!

And today she is ONE!!! Happy Birthday, Emily Mae. We love you tons! xoxoxoxo from Mimi...

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