Friday, April 16, 2010

Columns: A "Two-fer"

My friend Linda sent me an e-mail today that made me laugh out loud. She'd just read my column about my torn ligament that appeared in today's paper ('Das Boot') and said, "Like other great writers, you have taken your pain and turned it into literature. But there's gotta be easier ways to get column material..."
Now, everybody needs great friends like Linda (because she said "great writers" in a sentence that involved me, and if I pretend hard enough, who knows - I might just believe it). Not only that...I had just this week mentioned to my physical therapist that I have to stop becoming fodder for my own her words hit close to home.
Therefore, if you're so inclined, you can check out "The Column" link above for the account of my latest mishap. The scary part? Every word of it is TRUE!

And, since my prior column arrived on driveways shortly before "Tax Day" what else was a girl to do other than - yep! do the annual tax column. Since I am in my 5th year of writing for the South Valley newspapers, you'd think I'd run out of stuff about taxes, right? Well, you'd think. But if you can handle one more thought-provoking (not) missive about everybody's favorite date, simply click on 'The Column' and read for yourself that there is something about those tax deductions.....

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