Saturday, March 27, 2010

I like it like that...

Flowers and the there anything better??? Below are a few more of my favorite things...

Today I began a big, big job. Cleaning out my file cabinet. Mr. H. just bought a new desk that is quite a big deal so he started a clean-up of his files yesterday. Since I was inspired with all his activity, not to mention I haven't done this task in approximately, oh...forever! I decided to have a go at my files today.

Well. The biggest, most nerve-wracking obstacle for me is the actual filing system. Oh, sure, I could just get the folders and the label and say "Health Insurace," but what fun is there in that? Plus I can NEVER remember what I filed where and under what name. Health Insurance could be "Health Insurance" or "Insurance, Health" or "Cigna" or "Health Care Bill-What We Gonna Do Now?" - you get the idea.

So I put on my thinking cap (whatever that is) and decided to come up with a brand new system that is FUN. Or if not "FUN" then at least less tedious. And here is what I came up with. Now I am going to ATTEMPT to paste my new Index here, but you probably won't be able to see the actual "Papyrus" type font, which is actually quite pretty. But again, you'll get the idea.

The basic concept is alphabetical order. BUT instead of "A, B, C" and the like, I thought of a WORD that I liked that began with each letter. So I'll always know where they belong in the drawer, right? Then the contents of that file will contain items that more or less go along with that particular word. Now this is pretty loose, but hey. That's why I made an Index - and anyway, it's my file, so there you go!

My files will contain articles I've clipped from magazines, brochures I've collected, medical records and the like. If you see a word and it doesn't have anything following it, well, I just haven't made a match for it yet...and if you have any ideas or suggestions - I'm all ears!

Here's what I have so far:

Apple…Eating well, nutrition

Breezes…Ocean destinations, cruises

Catalina…Travel, places to go

Delphinium…Family history

Evergreen...Holiday inspirations

Fresh…Fashion ideas

Grass … Landscaping, flowers, container plants, outdoor ideas

Heavenly…Certificates, licenses, awards

Imagine…Photography, other art

Joyful…Baby showers and other celebrations





Oxygen…spas, relaxation

Peaches…Ashley and Alyssa, notes and cards…

Quince…periodicals and neat catalogs

Radiance…Beauty, Hair


Tapestry…Decorating ideas

Unleashed…Puddin’ and other critters



X-chromosome…self improvement


Zest…Exercise, working out, health and wellness

If you're wondering what "Delphinium" has to do with "Family History," that's because many years ago when I was a little girl my parents decided to purchase a brand new home that was being constructed in a development in another part of town. Everything was humming right along, we'd drive by the house to observe the progress of the construction and to plan what kind of trees and flowers we'd plant in the front yard (my mother loved to garden and was good at it).

All was well UNTIL...yep, maybe you guessed it. My mother learned they were going to name our street "Delphinium." And what my mother had against that innocent little flower I will never know - but I wish I'd asked her. Maybe she thought it was too hard to spell (although she was a champ at writing AND spelling) - but whatever the reason, that was it. They somehow got out of the deal and we stayed put. On "Brown Avenue." Now if that's not a colorless name for a street, I don't know what is!!!


  1. wow - what an interesting system. :) that would confuse the heck out of me. What if I thought travel/vacations were heavenly? Does it go under heavenly or catalina?

  2. Yes, there may be a few bugs in the system...but here is why "Heavenly" has to do with certificates and awards (the main ones being for my newspaper column in the CA Publishers contest and for being a "President's Scholar" at SJSU). They fall under "Heavenly" because I figured I had divine intervention in order to attain them :)But, yeah, vacations are USUALLY pretty heavenly!

  3. um...since catalina is in the middle of the ocean, and as such an ocean destination, shouldn't that whole category be collapsed under B for breezes?

    and where do you put info on ashley or alyssa's wedding? under love or peaches?

    and per your last comment, couldn't you also call divine intervention inspiration? then that means that heavenly just gets collapsed under yellow.

    if you're lost reading this so far, then that means that this is already proven to fail...

    the only reason a filing system works is because each category is mutually exclusive. you have the exact opposite of that here. you're totally screwed.

    you should just go with a monolithic system. create one file called "crap" and put everything in it. think of the time you'll save!!!

  4. oh, Rob, Rob, are thinking too much. This is the beauty of MY filing system and the operative word is "MY" - had I been creating this for you or Alyssa or anyone else, well... You have failed to recognize that this is a RIGHT brain filing system and as such I have crazy-love for it. In my world, MY little girls (the originals) will ALWAYS be "PEACHES" - and since Catalina is "23 miles" from the coast (not "in the middle" of the ocean) it works just fine, thank you, you old Left Brain Cutie!