Friday, April 16, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

I am SO behind on my poor blog...from approximately June of last year I have had such good intentions (and you know which road is paved with THOSE) of posting my favorite pictures and accompanying stories here. I'm happy that Alyssa is a blogging trooper and keeping things going with their little family and Charlie as he gets bigger and cuter every day and that Ashley has now started a blog so we can watch Gracie and Emily grow...But still!

With being "Mimi" to these three sweet babies, I need to get it into gear. Therefore, here are a couple of my favorite things - thanks to Alyssa's posting of this picture. Rob must have taken this one - good job there, Rob!

So, above is our little man, Charlie, age 3-1/2 months with his pretty mommy, Alyssa.

Is he a Keeper or what??!!!

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