Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Official,Mon!!!

One month ago today... I got a telephone call early one morning. It was about 7am Pacific Standard Time. I was in Colorado at my brother's house in Pueblo, waiting for my friend Nancy to pick me up. We were going to coffee and then to a meeting for high school reunion business.

The call was from my first born, Miss Ashley, who was at that moment driving to her job at school. In the backseat were the young Miss Gracie and even younger Miss Emily along for the ride and on their way to Miss Phyllis, their wonderful day care provider.
That early morning phone call was like I'd wandered into a whole field of bright green 4-leaf clovers - just like those in the picture above. "It's official," Ashley said. "We're moving north." Yes, Jim's company was sending him to the Bay area.

Now this was great news - of a sort. Because it wasn't going to be simple. Or easy. And I have honestly been afraid to say ANYTHING to pretty much ANYBODY until just recently. Because I didn't want to jinx anything. After all, hadn't this ALMOST happened a few years ago and then everything went KaPLOOEY!!??? Yep it had. But on the other side, hadn't I just a few short days earlier written on Facebook that it's hard to be in Long Beach (because of missing Charlie) and it's hard to be home (missing Gracie and Emily)? Yes, my heart had been split in half for a long time. Pretty much since Ashley moved to Arizona and then Long Beach some 13 years ago...

But today we're getting closer to having this move become reality. It's still in baby steps, but agreements are being negotiated and plans are being made and a path is being forged. So today, on this St. Paddy's Day that harkens back to the Luck of the Irish...I'm putting it out there. It's still a bit of a tentative whisper, but today these Irish eyes of mine are smiling because... Me Lads and Lassies...Me thinks it's official!!! :)

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