Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Welcome, Emily Mae!

After thinking it was never going to happen, Miss Emily Mae debuted one day after her due date, on April 8. She was born at night, 8:58 pm, and she was quite the big girl - 9 lbs. 1-1/2 oz., 21 inches long. Like most "big babies" she has been an absolute angel. Now and then I hear a strange sound and think, "Hmmm...what is that noise? Oh, yeah, it's Emily!" Such a GOOD BABY!!! Emily Mae and her mommy, above, share a little time together on Emily's first Easter Sunday. Below, Emily is all dressed up and ready to leave the hospital on Good Friday, April 10. It was a Good Friday, indeed!
Emily Mae, one of the few times I saw her open her eyes while in the hospital...not that we were there all the time, of course. Grampy and "Mimi" were on duty at Gracie's house watching Emily's big sister.

And... Speaking of Miss Gracie, here she is checking out Emily Mae at the know, just making sure she has all the right parts and all...

All of this visiting with the relatives wears a girl out...that is a BIG yawn!

Emily Mae meets her Grampy Hammond for the first time on Thursday, April 9. Since she came at almost 9:00 at night, Gracie was "night-night" and "Mimi" (that's me) was not far behind! Gracie kept us busy all day and we were pretty emotionally exhausted waiting for news of Emily's arrival and how Emily's mommy was doing after a very long day of labor!
Since baby sisters don't stop the whole entire world, Gracie's mommy and daddy planned an egg hunt for Gracie on Easter Sunday during the warm Southern California afternoon.

Hmmmmmmmm....checking out what's inside these eggs! They sure aren't like the kind you buy at the grocery store!
WOW!! These eggs are ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!

OK, it really isn't every day that you come across a rapping Easter Bunny. This one not only has street cred, he "hip-hops" sideways! Yes, it's a very cute toy, except after hearing, "I like car-ROTS and I cannot lie..." etc. approximately 50 gazillion times, there is a temptation to heave this wild hare out the closest window! :)
A fun family portrait on Easter afternoon.
Emily Mae was just chillin' in her teddy bear jammies on Easter...

The Sensational Stromberg Sisters...Gracie explains that this red thing flopping around is a "tweet-tweet." Life is sweet!

And We're Off to a super start..Stay tuned, everybody!! It's going to be a fun ride!


  1. I love the last picture. Precious! Congratulations!

  2. SO SO Sweet! The last picture was my favorite too! What a great Mimi!

  3. Thank you, girls...that last was my favorite, too :)