Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Column: Warning! Warning! Grandparents on Duty

I seem to be slipping a bit (is it an "old age" thing? Yikes!). Well, maybe it is. So here, a few days late, is the posting for my latest column, which as it turns out, is about grandparenting. That would be grandparenting specifically to Gracie, our 22-month old baby granddaughter earlier this month while yet another baby granddaughter, Emily Mae, was making her World Debut with her mommy and daddy at a beautiful harbor-side hospital in Newport Beach.
Now one question I DO have at this time is why are grandparents STILL portrayed as kindly, white haired little old ladies and men? And while the "kindly" part is fine, what if we, you know, "accessorize" our greying hair with streaks of blonde? Or dark brown? Or whatever your color fave in the World of Hair happens to be! Because we grandparents are a hardy bunch. We survived entire wars (well, Vietnam WAS a war, right?) and first trips to the moon, and polio vaccines and all kinds of stuff the "Generation X'ers" never experienced. Yep, we've seen it all, people! So I would like to start a campaign that says "Let's portray grandparents as they really are! Young! Hip! In touch!" Ok? And, um, yeah, I do have that gimpy knee and all, but still! It only bothers me when I...walk....

So that was a long way of getting to the point, which is that my latest column is about the ways that my first grandchild, Miss Gracie Elizabeth, is already finding to outsmart her "Mimi." But, oh, isn't that ride SO much fun??!!!

Now, before I become even more grandparent-like and forget why I'm posting this entry, here is the link to the story of how Miss Gracie is outsmarting her Mimi on a pretty routine basis, I'm afraid...

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