Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dog Day Afternoons

This is Alyssa waving ¡hola! from her and Rob's hotel suite in Cabo...they are flying home tomorrow night and were just checking in to say "Hi!" Is it me or is Alyssa looking rested and happy?!! Ahhh... ¡muy bien! siestas!!! (My apologies for any misspelling of the Español - I am sorry to say I don't speak el lingüístico, but I am about to get a little online help!)
This is the hotel that has been their "home away from home" for the last week. Maravilloso!!

Alyssa and Rob flew to Cabo on April 25 with two of their BFF couple friends. Oh. That was probably redundant. So my abbreviated computer-speak needs some help, too, apparently...

This little stamp was part of the greeting from Alyssa. So colorful - ¡Tan bueno! Which brings me to the point of this blog, which is PUPPIES GALORE!!

May I start this post by saying that BOTH Buddy (on the left below) and Puddin' (on the right below) were having bad hair days when I decided to drag out my camera and begin blasting away. Yeah, should've brushed them up a bit. But I was loving their little cuddle session on the bed. We are watching Buddy while Alyssa and Rob are on vacation.

I like this photo because Puddin' (a.k.a. 'Mr. P.') has been known to be a little, um...cranky, shall we say? No, he doesn't play well with others. That is probably due to his eye sight problems and the fact that he is now blind - and only 5 years old. BUT. He doesn't let this impediment get him down and he trots along like there is no impairment at all. Until I leave something in his way, such as a vacuum. Or a dog named Buddy.

That's right. Nobody explained to Buddy that Puddin' trots through the house like nothing whatsoever is in his way. Until his dog pal Buddy visits and happens to be standing in Puddin's path. Then comes a major head-on collision. Buddy, being about half of Puddin's size, typically gets spun out to the side when this bulldozer plows into his petite frame. But he brushes himself off, figuratively speaking, and even (sometimes) thinks Puddin' wants to play. Which I will get into later.

So being a fine sunny afternoon, I took the pooches out onto the deck where they could enjoy the sun. Don't ask me where their peculiar positions are coming from. Buddy is sitting there rather frog-like while Puddin' looks like he is ready to launch. Or something.

Here is Mr. P. enjoying some rays.

And Buddy, who has decided he's had enough solar exposure for one day and is headed back inside - if SOMEBODY WOULD OPEN THE $*$@^# DOOR!!

Puddin' enjoys his spot on the couch so he decided to hop on up to cuddle on the blanket. However, nobody told him that Buddy was ALREADY on the couch enjoying the blanket. So, blind dog jumps UP on the couch - and lands square on top of Buddy. This brings about much whirling dervish activity of flying fur and tails and ears and then what amounts to doggie apologies all around, a "Hmmph" sort of look from Puddin' who elects to settle into a new spot on the sofa. He is, after all, trying very hard to be a mannerly host to his guest.

Then, all of a sudden - what is that sound???!! Why - yes, it's the sound of a white Dodge Dakota pick-up truck entering the garage. Could it be? Could it? Could it? Oh, yes-yes-YES!!!

Enter Mr. H. who is greeted by much jumping and lunging and doggie squeaks and squeals - I mean, he must have been gone for EONS, right? This is a homecoming that is so reunion-worthy. (Aren't they all?) Everybody gets some serious ear rubbing. Well, except for Mr. H. of course, but everybody of the canine persuasion who came equipped with large floppy ears perfect for rubbing!

All of this rowdy activity and tail wagging prompts Buddy to attempt a playful game with Puddin'. Well. It was a worthy attempt: Buddy rearing up on his hind legs and darting forward at Puddin' who is doing his best to ignore this young pup. ("I was just walking by, you silly, insolent little scallywag! You are SO immature...) Yes, I do in fact imagine that dogs talk this way.

So Buddy gets "the look" from Puddin' (that's right;, Puddin' can still give "the look" even with his blind eyes) and Buddy thinks better about continuing any further attempts at a playful tussle.

We have enjoyed this week of our "granddog" visiting with us and we'll all miss him tomorrow when we return him back to Rob and Alyssa. One of my favorite memories? Well, it seems the "Budster" has a stubborn little mind all his own.

After turning his nose up at his dinner, I removed Buddy's bowl and put it on the counter. Otherwise, Puddin' would consume his own dinner and Buddy's, too.

I put our dinner on the table. Mr. H. and I were sitting down to our plates when I noticed Buddy sitting on the floor looking up at the counter. Hmm...what IS he doing? Ok, Buddy is sitting there growling at his dinner, which is WAY up on the counter. "What on earth??" I am wondering, and then realize what he's doing. Ok. So he WAS ready to eat now. And did he eat? Yep! Every crumb.

So Alyssa and Rob: We all anxiously await your return and if he could swing it, I know Buddy would say, "¡Vaya rápido! ¡Le he echado de menos!" (¡¡Sí!! Aren't those online "English-Spanish" translator sites just ¡Grande!??)


  1. Thanks for taking care of Buddy for us! We owe you big time!

    As for the pueblo bonito, it was definitely not marveloso. it had the worst customer service ever. i highly recommend that anyone going to cabo stay away from this resort.

  2. We took the picture at the Pueblo Bonito Rose but we actually stayed at the Puebloc Bonito Sunset Beach.

    We had fun with our friends and the hotel was nice, but unfortunately they don't have very good customer service like Rob said.

    Thanks again for watching Buddy!

  3. Wow, sorry to hear about the hotel - too bad because it sure looked pretty. And you are welcome, guys - it was fun having Buddy (Puddin' agrees) and I hope you have the "poop patrol" under control again. We kinda screwed up on that one :(