Sunday, February 21, 2010

Columns: Three in a Row

It was just one of those know, the lemons and the lemonade and all that jazz. So today I decided to take those sunny orbs of fruit (my particular lemons today being what I have dubbed the "Mother of all Colds" that I acquired a couple of days ago here in Colorado) and make some lemonade - that is update my three-behind-and-counting columns. I SWORE I would keep these puppies up-to-date. Well. Now I AM up to date because with this cold, I can't summon the energy to do much more than pluck at my keyboard...and if none of this makes sense, I'm blaming the drugs. Now - on with those columns!

Shortly before Valentine's Day as I was cleaning out my cookbook cupboard, a little booklet fell into sight. Called "Cooking in the Nude" it was an arresting title for this time of year. It inspired the column for a "Rescue" of sorts for those guys who forgot to shower their sweeties with Valentine's Day goodies. Read it and get rescued by clicking on "The Column" link above.

Then there is the "lemonade" column. When my friend Susan Hansen sent me a New Years greeting card with a photo of Susan, her hubby and their four grandchildren that had gone hilariously awry, it inspired the column. It also produced a few memories of my very funny mother - even AFTER she'd contracted Alzheimer's. Now that disease was a FOR SURE lemon, but my mom knew how to make the most of life - even with an extra big dose of lemons. To read about lemons being squeezed to the last funny drop, click on "The Column" link.

And who hasn't wished they could have "do-overs." Raise your hand if you've ever said, "Dang! If only I'd said..." or "I wish I'd done..." on and on it goes. With that in mind, I put together my own version of how it might be to hop on a time machine. To take a joyride back in time with me, just (you got it) click on "The Column" link above. And AWAY we GO!

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