Monday, February 15, 2010

The 2400 Mile Traveler - Notes from the road

Today is Day Three of "Notes from the Road," the day that we actually made it to Grand Lake - AT LAST! The scenery here is gorgeous, pretty white snow on the ground - and it was ESPECIALLY spectacular on Rabbit Ears Pass, a 10,000+ foot altitude route through the Rockies near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. What a gorgeous sight of all the evergreens laden with piles of snow, and too bad for me I didn't have my camera handy, although I took several snaps on my cell phone. Now all I need to do is figure out how to download the dang things!
However. The picture at the top, although it does depict a bit of green, is my sad little bunch of formerly lovely basil that Alyssa gave to me to bring to Colorado so I could make the absolutely yummy, delicious, nothing better sandwich like she made for our lunch together on Friday at her house before we left. I don't know the exact recipe so I was going to "wing it" - but I do know it includes garden vegetable cream cheese, garlic, roasted red peppers and the basil (all chopped up) and mixed together to apply as a spread on a couple of pieces of bread, which is then completed with sliced turkey, tomato and a bit of spinach leaves.
The sad tale of woe for the basil, however, is that along about Rabbit Ears Pass and 10,000+ feet in altitude, the temperature plummeted into negative territory. Below zero. FREEZING cold and sadly, my lovely little sprig of basil that I had carefully brought in every night and placed in the motel fridge and had at this point ALREADY traveled beautifully well for over 1,000 miles, froze it's little green leaves solid. The squishy leaves that resulted from this icy condition are probably not going to work too well for the turkey sandwich with its yummy cream cheese/garlic/roasted red pepper/basil spread, sad to say. But as sort of a consolation prize - my basil still does smell refreshingly yummy.

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