Saturday, November 7, 2009

Crib Notes

This is Mimi here, reporting in from Long Beach where I've spent the past four days watching the antics of two of my favorite subjects these days: Gracie and Emily.

So yesterday Miss Emily surprised us all by going from a sitting up position in her crib to grabbing the side rail and pulling herself up to a stand. To see the start of how this all looks, note the photo below. The fact that Emily is only STARTING to stand up in the photo is a testament to Mimi's chicken-dom. No way could I take pictures and monitor the bouncy Miss Emily and I knew this would be inviting a certain fall overboard by l'enfant (I have SO forgotten my French). And I could have, like, TOTALLY dropped my camera :)
So having stopped The Divine Miss E. in mid-stand, I hung around to see what other antics this little missy was up to while in the crib and I wasn't disappointed.
And may I just say that babies are never bored. Case in point: Emily finds it great fun to pop her passey (pacifier) in and out of her mouth. Over and over and over and... Sometimes it lands in the right direction. Sometimes not. But is she worried? Nope - not a bit!

Sometimes you get your mouth a bit "whopper-jawed" (as my grandpa used to say) when you're ramming a big passey into a little mouth.

But this of course produces lots of giggles.

Now it's serious business trying to shoot a hole in one...'s almost there...

Yep - you can almost hear a "pop" from all the suction!

Checking things out. "Yep, this is my passey, all right!!!"

And for her next magical trick, Emily pulls her blanket up over her head, gets REALLY excited and starts flapping her arms up and down like a little bird while inhaling madly through her pacifier. No, don't ask me how she does all that, but trust me - she does!

But if you think the crib play is something, the many faces of Emily in her highchair is a sight to behold. Miss Emily LOVES - and I mean LOVES - to eat her solid food. She typically doubles herself in half "a la Jackknife" and sometimes (when you're really lucky) she grabs onto the handle of the spoon with her two chubby, dimply little hands and "helps" get the spoon into her mouth. Of course that means two STICKY chubby, dimply little hands...

Contemplating that next bite...hmm...cereal and applesauce? or....cereal and peas? Who cares?!!! IT'S ALLLLLLLL GOOD!!!
Yes, life is good when you have a bowl of mush about to be consumed.

Emily is a living, breathing testament to baby food!

And...where's the rest of my meal? And when can I have a steak, people?!!!

That grilled burger looks pretty good....

I'll eat smooshed peas and cereal but I don't have to like it....

Here is the miracle of all inventions: my purple spoon.

Ohhhhh, purple spoon!! How do I love thee?

This is the smile of a happy baby girl! And speaking of girls:

Gracie and Mimi shared some fun in the sun. First we found inside the garage a toy left over from Gracie's first Christmas...

Yay! The doorbell still works! And the house still sings songs, too! Wow! Life is good!

Checking out the foundation...

Foundation is good...and maybe a little WD-40 would help the squeaky door hinges!
But running around and around the house is the best kind of fun!
Especially because 2-year old little girls sleep REALLY well after some fun in the autumn sun!

So a few more turns around the house...

....while the sun still shines....and before....Yay! Mommy gets home! And what is a fun fall day without a little of Autumn's best fruit - yummy apples and Mommy is ready to share!

That's one big apple!
Before long Gracie has confiscated her mommy's apple and enjoys the freedom of taking one big bite after another...

Good thing all those teeth came in nice and strong!
Very sweet...and the apple's good too :)

Hmmm...getting down to the core...

Couple more places to bite on this thing... AND SPEAKING OF BITES...oh good heavens...

This is Emily imitating her "TeeTee" (Auntie Alyssa). When Alyssa was a baby she LOVED-LOVED-LOVED to squish her hands into her food - especially yogurt - and smear it all over her hands, her face, her hair. I used to say that when Alyssa ate she employed the "total dining experience." I believe she has met her match. Her niece Emily enjoys wearing her food almost as much as she enjoys eating it!
And with her little spoon she is so helpful...nearly ready to feed herself perhaps??!

But those Sensational Stromberg Sisters clean up pretty well when it's all said and done. And it's been yet another Very Great Visit in Long Beach!

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