Saturday, September 19, 2009

Columns: We've got COLUMNS!

Yes, time does have a way of flying when you're having fun, and I must be having LOTS of FUN because we are talking "warp speed" here, friends. So my last two columns have landed on South County driveways and I've yet to post them. But I sit here ready to rectify that right now...

I just had to write about two of my pet peeves, the biggest being those dang freeways in L.A. Having just returned from Long Beach to visit Ashley, Jim, Gracie & Emily, I got my fill of them. The freeways, that is, not the kids...although...NO, I am JUST KIDDING! Sheesh!

As if L.A. freeways weren't challenging enough, I even ventured further south to San Diego and beyond and it wasn't to go to Mexico to buy contraband vanilla beans. I had a lovely visit with dear old friends, which will be a seperate posting because it was quite a special day.

To see if my opinion of SoCal freeways agrees with your's, click on "The Column" link above and proceed with CAUTION; you may need your blood pressure medicine!

The column preceding the L.A. freeway situation has to do with my kitchen cupboards, pantry, drawers - they all contain utensils that apparently breed overnight leaving multiple spatulas and the like while eating valuable tools such as my can opener.
I DO love the kitchen in the photo below - don't you? Now I do love MY kitchen, too, but wow! How organized does this one look!! And how the heck do you place a whole bowl of apples on the counter that way? So pristine. When I try that I'm drawing fruit flies from the next three counties.

But if you can relate to my kitchen disorganization dilemma and want to learn my coping skills (or lack thereof), you will find my sad tale of woe by clicking - yep, you got it - 'The Column' link above.

And now, back to your reguarly scheduled blog.............

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