Monday, August 22, 2011

Case in Point...

I love it when I find "living proof" that my brain and I have been on a collision course veering toward disaster. 

Yesterday I confessed on this blog that I haven't exactly been mentally present lately. If "lately" can be defined as the past, um, 30 years, give or take. Is it getting older that makes us see things in a clearer light? Or was it having the bejabbers scared out of me last month that did it? More likely, a little bit of both.

So the odd photo above is symbolic of a brain that's been MIA for way too long. You know how you misplace your keys once-in-awhile? For me, I misplaced EVERYTHING - all the time! I wish I had back all the years I've spent looking for stuff.

But the scary bit comes when you DON'T EVEN REALIZE YOU'VE LOST SOMETHING! Like the bit of cash above. YIKES! What's up with that??

So today as I was clearing out a box of "stuff" - old receipts and the like, this is what I ran across. MONEY! OMG. Just stuffed in that box along with all these receipts from about three years ago that I was keeping for lord only knows what reason. Of course I never knew this money was missing ...or if I knew, I'd long since forgotten. This gets a little confusing, I know.

Now, it's not like I suddenly found a fortune or anything. It wasn't that I'd cashed my Sweepstakes check and socked the $$ away and forgot about it. Nope, 'fraid not. It was only $44 - although I did have a little burst of hope at first glance that it would be huge, like possibly two or twenty hundreds tucked away in there. So although $44 isn't going to significantly alter my lifestyle, it WAS enough that I should've known I was missing it way back when. Makes me wonder what else I'll unearth around here!

The little mason jar behind the stash of cash? That's from Ashley's baby shower (for Gracie, my first grandchild). Alyssa made them as shower favors for the guests to take home - it was muffin mix for the "muffin in the oven" - get it? I know, it was sooooo cute, and I kept the jar around because it makes me happy to look at it.

So the newly-found moolah is in the jar where I can see it every day as I sit at my computer. That money makes me happy too. Not because I can't wait to spend it but because it's a symbol that I'm finally getting my life back on track where it belongs.

And if I suddenly find that Sweepstakes fortune? Well, you'll find me out on an island somewhere, sipping a pina colada. Made with soy milk, of course. 

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