Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today was the first day of our New Adventures with Charlie! Three years ago (almost) I began taking care of Gracie Elizabeth in Long Beach. And now a new chapter.

Alyssa returned to work today (May 18) and I arrived about 8:20 at the Wagner abode. I was running a couple of minutes late due to being in a frenzy of "What to Take." You'd think I was packing for a week in the mountains...THREE - count 'em - THREE pairs of shoes...with my icky torn ligament I wanted to make sure I had comfy shoes, and what did I end up wearing the better part of the day? Socks. Yep. The shoes were history. Plus lunch, snacks, a book (in case Charlie slept - now THERE is a concept!) plus the usual bring-alongs - Advil and nasal spray for stupid allergies.

Rob and Buddy greeted me at the door and we did the official "hand-off" - Buddy had a short walk, a short booty-wash, and Rob headed upstairs to begin his day with a call. Charlie was a little champ - he was soon due for his morning nap so "Mimi" (that would be me) decided to go for broke and try putting Charlie in his "pak'n-play" crib for his nap. His mommy (like me) hasn't found the failsafe method of putting Charlie down for his naps in the crib and Charlie much prefers the "Lay-down-with-me-on-the-big-bed-if-you-don't-mind" type of daytime napping. But...Mimi's first attempt at putting Charlie in his bed...well...was a big fat flop. I have recorded Charlie's comments below:

"Umm...excuse me, Mimi? I am in my CRIB. I don't SLEEP in my CRIB. Please remove me from my crib right now or I will begin to wail...Mimi? I mean it, Mimi!"

Oh, yeah. THIS is more like it...zzzzzz.......

"Wow! I feel GREAT! I had a one hour and thirty-five minute nap! Yes!"

"What d'ya wanna do now, Mimi? Huh? Huh?

"Hahahaha...Look at Buddy's butt...I just slept next to Buddy's butt...is it time for MILK yet Mimi??"

Oh, ho-ho-ho, Mimi - I like my chair and playing with my toys. Is it time for Milk yet, Mimi? BTW, what do you think my MOM is doing????

"Yep, 'bout time for the old milk bottle, don't ya think, Mimi?"

"Ummm...ok, that bottle was mighty good, but when do you think my mom might be getting home with THE REAL THING???"

"Maybe I have time to do a little work out before Mommy gets home...did you know I can touch my feet, Mimi? I am REALLY limber!"

"OH YEAH, OH YEAH, OH YEAH! MOMMY IS HOME!!!!!!! Thank you, Mimi, but I think you can go home now" :)
See ya Thursday, Charlie Bear. Love you...xoxoxoxo

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  1. You are seriously lagging on your blog, Mimi. Have you been busy or something? :)