Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Column: Quirky Snow Friends a Fast Track to Fun

Ashley and friend...January 1977
My last column was about snowmen...and yes, sometimes my topics get a little thin. I was in the middle of Christmas rush - decorating, buying, wrapping, mailing - you get the idea! And as I was putting up my shelf of snow folks this year, I realized how much I enjoy seeing them all again as I pull them out during the Christmas season - and how not too many other inanimate objects have the kind of personality a snowman does.

The picture you see above is one I took of Ashley when we made her first snowman. I see such a resemblance to Gracie that sometimes it's spooky! Kinda like a snowman...sometimes I recognize old friends in the face of a snowman. But that's just me!

So, two days before Christmas as I am posting my column, I have discovered that it won't post. Something weird going on with the copy/paste thing. But if you'll do the same as always and click on "The Column" above, I have provided the link to my Snow Friends column in the Morgan Hill Times. Come to think of it, I could've provided it right here, couldn't I? Well, that's the way it's going with me today. Two steps forward, one step back :)

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